Egg Restorer 95


Hello, today I would like to introduce the Egg Restorer. The Egg Restorer restores the Windows 95 Cloud Easter Egg. It is a program made with the popular AutoHotKey. More Easter Eggs may be added later, but not anytime soon. Sorry!

    Right now, the program is not available for download, but it will be in a few weeks. It is a bare program and I haven't decided if I want to make it open source or not. Also, if you want early access, email me at and I will respond shortly. 

Closed: The version is not available for testing.
Open: The version is free to download.

(7/4/2020) Release 0.1 Pre-Alpha: Initial Release(Closed)

(7/5/2020) Release 0.2 Pre-AlphaChanged the main idea(Closed)

(7/6/2020) Release 0.3 Pre-AlphaProvides more Easter Egg completed checking(Closed)

(7/6/2020) Release 0.5 Pre-Alpha: Started Researching Elements(Closed)

(7/7/2020) Release 1.0 AlphaStarted building on the Sleep function(Closed)

(7/7/2020) Release 5.0 AlphaFixed the 40 character limit problem(Closed)

(7/8/2020) Release 5.1 Alpha: No space between characters problem fixed(Closed)

(7/8/2020) Release 6 Alpha: Added all three name checkers(Closed)

The downloads are available below. Note that this is only made for Windows.
Supports: Windows 2000, and Windows XP Pre-SP-2,
Recommended: Windows Vista or higher.


No public releases yet. 

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